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A "behind camera" interview means the subject is looking off camera at the "interviewer". Our production team will cut the interview together with appropriate cutaway shots. Depending on how long your video is this will cost between 1-2 production credits.
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Start Filming!

Open BlackMagic Express > Click Log & Capture > Add Clip Description > Press + Button. Press Start/Stop button on Camera.
Prepare your footage for Upload

- Finish your capture and close the Blackmagic Media Express program
- Create a Footage Folder and drag your capture into your folder.
- Take the Compact Flash card out of the main Camera and insert into the Card Reader
- Drag the contents of the card to your footage folder on the  Rise Broadcaster Hard Drive
- Compress your Footage Folder
- Place the Compact Flash card back into the main Camera
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Text and Spelling

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